How To Hang A New Door

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Installing a new door is a fast and cheap way to spruce up your home.

A new entry door will make the front of your house look fresher while new internal doors will update interior décor and help prevent draughts.

Before going shopping for a new door, measure the height, width and thickness of the door you want to replace.

Also consider the difference between internal and external doors.

Bedroom and other internal doors tend to be hollow-core and 35mm thick, with a standard size of 2040 x 820mm. Entrance or external doors are usually solid and 40mm thick.

The thickness of the door determines the size of the rebate, which is usually 3mm wider than the door.

Remove the original door from the hinges, leaving them in the jamb, then use it as a template to mark up the new door to fit the frame.
Position the new door in the frame to mark up the hinge positions then take the hinges off and discard or re-use them.

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Step 1. Trim the door

Check the jamb for square then mark it up to fit the frame with a 3mm clearance at the sides and top and 5mm above the floor. Position the door in a stand and secure with wedges, then plane to the marked lines.

Step 2. Secure the hinges

Mark the hinge positions on the door edge and the thickness on the face, using a chisel and hammer to cut out the recesses. Remove the waste, square the edges and secure the hinges to the door.

Step 3. Attach the hardware

Mark and drill holes for the handle and lock, then paint or seal the door. Position the door in the frame and attach the hinges, securing the hardware using the supplied screws.

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