How to grow fantastic summer herbs

What to sow, grow and harvest now to preserve and enjoy for months to come

Growing Summer Herbs

Culinary herbs are at their tastiest from midsummer,when their foliage is still fresh and unblemished, as their flavour peaks just before flowering.

This is the time to harvest large quantities to preserve for later.

Water and feed herbs well afterwards for a second harvest at the end of summer.

SOW herbs like parsley in summer for use in autumn and winter. When the seedlings are big enough to handle, water well and thin out to 80mm apart then water them again.

CUT off the growing tips of bushy herbs like basil for kitchen use and to encourage lots of new sideshoots.

WATER recently planted herbs in dry weather and check pots regularly.

KEEP on top of weeds, especially in new beds where herbs are establishing.

FEED potted herbs and new perennials in beds with a high-potash fertiliser.

Propagation basics
Propagation basics
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There are four techniques for creating new plants from herbs.

PINCH out parsley flowers on older plants for more leaves but let one or two flower and self-sow to provide seedlings for transplanting in autumn.

DIVIDE old mint for new plants. Lift mature clumps after flowering, chop into pieces with a spade and transplant the outer pieces, discarding the centre.

TAKE cuttings of woody herbs like bay and rosemary in summer, dip the stems in hormone powder and pot up.

LAYER low branches of thyme and rosemary by pinning them down in the soil, keeping the tips above ground, and they should take root by winter.

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