How To Clean An Old Barbecue


Learn how to clean and refurbish an old barbecue with beautiful results 

We show you how to clean the barbecue in time for summer entertaining.
“There’s nothing more that I like than my friends dropping around for a Barbie. But if it isn’t up to scratch, like this one, then it wont be your food that you’re remembered for.
First up we need to pull it apart. So we’ll get the plates out, sit those aside and then get the burners out. There’s a couple of pins that hold them in at the back, just pop those out and slide them up.
Now we’re ready to get the rust and scales off all this metal work. Put on your safety glasses so you don’t get any rust or dust in your eyes. Scrape all the major flaking off, and use the brush to get into all the hard to reach places.
The burners can get really filthy, so you need to get all this major flaking off. Get the scraper and give it a good hit like that. Turn it over and don’t forget to do all the little holes here with the wire brush. Once you’ve done that, here’s a trick. Stand it up on its end and give it a few sharp taps, and all the rust is going to come out of the inside.
Now we’re ready to wash everything down, so grab a bucket of nice, warm soapy water, wet it up and get into it. Most degreasers only take a few minutes to get right in there.
Just a light sand will really bring this jarrah up. It’s a beautiful wood.
Looking pretty good don’t you think? Now we’ve just got to finish putting it together. Once that’s done we just need to get some cooking oil to reseason the cooking plates.
Finally get some decking oil to finish off the wood, put some absorbency on the drip tray and put the lid on.”

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