How To Build A Toy Truck

Watch as landscaper Matt demonstrates how to build a toy truck with his son Alex

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In this DIY video, we show you how to build a toy truck out of balsa wood with the kids.

Keeping the kids entertained over the school holidays with creative ideas can be daunting. 

Simple to make, we created this truck as a great way to begin teaching kids the basics of DIY during their time off.
Balsa wood is soft and easy to cut making it a great starter material for kids to practice sawing and turning screws into place.
Cut balsa wood to size, glue together and paint. We kept the cost to a minimum but upcycling elements such as the milk bottle cap wheels. 
Make sure you work on at their height on an even surface and supervise the whole project. Also ensure they wear the appropriate safety equipment including gloves and glasses.

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