Try this handy hack to prevent clothing from falling off coathangers
Glass jars have countless uses, but getting the labels off can be tricky, and they often leave behind a sticky residue.
Turn A Wine Bottle Into A Self Watering System
Keep plants from getting thirsty over a long weekend with this simple DIY hack. 
Cut old stockings into strips.    Then secure the stems of tomato plants to stakes with the stockings.    The stretchable fabric grips the stake while allowing the plant to grow unrestricted. 
Check Old Seeds Will Sprout
Save yourself the frustration of fruitless gardening efforts with this clever hack
How to make dusting easier
Have you ever tried to dust an awkward item like a lampshade? Normal dusting methods like cloths can be difficult and ineffective. Instead of struggling, try this handy tip. Simply take an ordinary lint roller and run it over the surface of the la...
How to keep clothes on hangers
Try this handy hack to prevent clothing from falling off coathangers
Toothbrush Stand
When you travel you don't always know who you share a bathroom with or trust the hygiene standards of the place you're staying.    On your next trip, pack a peg in your toiletries bag and try this simple life hack to protect your toothbrush f...
fresh herbs
Save fresh herbs for use long after their growing season is over. 
sharpen scissors
In this DIY video, we show you how to sharpen scissors using only a piece of steel wool. If your scissors aren't as sharp as they used to be, then try this tip to turn blunt scissors into razor-sharp cutters. All you need to sharpen your scissors...
dishwashing sponge
Dishwashing sponges see constant use in the kitchen, and after coming into contact with so many surfaces, they can accumulate harmful bacteria over time. The damp conditions provides the ideal breeding ground for bacteria to thrive.