How to grow amazing organic veggies

Put fresh produce on your table just as nature intended by growing your own vegetables organically.

How to grow amazing organic veggies

Nothing tastes better than homegrown ingredients picked fresh from the veggie patch.

And if you garden as organically as possible, your crops will be rich in vitamins and minerals, and free from poisonous chemicals.

The summer holidays are a great time to start a new vegetable garden, so you can get the children involved.

This means they can feel connected with their food and have fun planting seeds and tending the garden. After all, kids are the gardeners of the future.

Before you begin
Before you begin
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It’s important to decide on how much free time you have to tend your new organic vegetable patch before you get going.

If in doubt, start off small because you can always expand.

If your chosen plot is covered with weeds, they must be completely removed using a hoe.

Another chemical-free method of killing weeds is to solarise the soil.

Simply position black plastic over the entire area, anchor it with rocks, then leave it for a month.

The heat will cook and destroy the weeds.

Once they’ve been removed, dig the garden bed to the depth of your spade, taking care to remove any rocks.

Dig in compost and cow or chicken manure over the whole garden bed.

The more you add, the richer the soil will become, and the healthier your vegetables will be.

Check the level of acidity in the soil with a pH kit, and add dolomite or liquid lime if it is acidic.

Vegetables like a pH of about 6.5.

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