Encourage The Kids To Sow Seeds

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Gardening is one of the best activities you can encourage in your kids. It gets them into the fresh air and working with their hands while learning about plants and nature.

Children can start gardening as soon as they are able to grip a trowel but the trick is to get them interested first.

So how do you coax them off the computer and into the outdoors?

With projects and products designed to make sowing and growing easier for little hands and attention spans.

One way is to take the guesswork out of growing veg with Seed Tape Easy Sow from Mr Fothergill’s. The biodegradable paper tape has evenly spaced seeds, making it easy for kids to plant straight rows and reducing the need for thinning.

Step 1. Dig the rows

Create planting rows about 5mm deep and spaced 300mm apart in the soil of a garden bed by hand or using a small trowel. Lay sections of the seed tape in the rows.

Step 2. Cover the seed tape

Use a small trowel to cover the tape with a thin layer of washed river sand or propagation.
TIP Using sand instead of soil makes it easier to see where to water.

Step 3. Water the row

Water in the sand-covered seed tape using a watering can then keep the rows moist during the growing season. Depending on the variety, seedlings emerge within 14 days.

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