DIY Woven Seat

  • DIY Woven Seat

Revamp a beach or camping chair that’s gone past its use-by date into a comfortable and colourful seat for relaxing in the back garden.

A chair with an aluminium frame and plastic armrests is easy to make over. Remove the existing canvas or webbing from the frame and give it a bright new look using spray paint. 

To create a new seat and back for the chair, weave one DIY using inexpensive flexible cord or poly rope from the hardware store. 

Choose ropes that are similar or identical in thickness and buy at least a 20m roll of each one, using four or five different colours or patterns.

woven seat, handyman magazine
Weave a comfortable garden chair using simple rolls of rope 

Step 1. Paint the chair

Wash the chair frame with warm, soapy water to remove all dirt, dust and grime, then leave to dry. Apply two coats of spray paint, working in a well-ventilated area. Choose the first rope colour and tie a double knot around the edge of the front bar of the seat frame.

Step 2. Weave the rope

Take the rope under the central bar of the chair, up and over the frame top, back under the central bar, then around the front bar next to the first knot, pulling it tightly. Continue weaving until the rope is about to end, then tie a double knot on the frame, leaving enough rope to tuck in.

Step 3. Finish the seat

To weave crosswise, tie a rope to a side bar of the chair back, leaving a 200mm tail. Take the rope under and over the woven strands, around the side bar and then back. For a triangular effect, count the strands and weave more every fourth time. Trim the loose tails, leaving enough to tuck in.

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