DIY Turf Pavers

  • DIY Turf Pavers

For a fast courtyard makeover, you can’t go past pebbles and pavers. We covered pavers with synthetic turf to make stepping stones with a twist.

Mark the paver centres 500mm apart and spread a bed of mortar for each one. Tap the pavers down with a rubber mallet and check for level. 

Let the mortar cure for 24 hours, then spread pebbles with a rake to finish 10mm below the pavers.

materials needed for turf pavers, handyman magazine,

For this project you will need turf, pavers, adhesive, a utility knife and pebbles 
Step 1. Attach the pavers

Position a square of synthetic turf grass-side down on a flat surface and centre a paver on the back. Apply an exterior multipurpose adhesive to the turf backing, then position the paver, pressing down firmly to secure.

Step 2. Cut out turf

Allow the adhesive to dry, then use a utility knife to cut the turf to the same size as the paver. Lay the pavers to make a path, bedding them in a mortar mix, and fill the gaps in between with pebbles.

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