DIY Turf House Numbers

  • DIY Turf House Numbers

Make eye-catching new house numbers using artificial turf. All you will need for this project are your house numbers, turf, glue and a utility knife. 

materials needed to make artificial house numbers
Only a small list of materials are needed for this project 
Step 1. Cut the shape

Take a piece of synthetic turf larger than the self-adhesive house numeral and position it grass-side down on a flat surface. Centre the numeral on top of the turf backing and cut around it using a utility knife.

Step 2. Prepare the turf

Insert a cartridge of adhesive into a caulking gun and apply a bead to the back of the synthetic turf number. Use an exterior adhesive that sticks to metal, plastic, brick, concrete and timber such as Selleys Allfix.

Step 3. Attach the number

Position the self-adhesive house numeral face down on the turf number, pressing down. Allow the adhesive to dry, then peel off the paper backing and attach the turf number to the front of the house.

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