DIY Turf Cutout Mats

  • DIY Turf Cutout Mat

In just an hour and on a DIY budget, you can design and create a unique floor covering for the back deck. 

To make an outdoor mat of interconnected cutout shapes all you need is a large piece of synthetic turf. We used fake grass with a long 35mm pile so it would feel lush underfoot.

Come up with the design or copy one, then make a cardboard template. Trace the shape onto cardboard, using a Sharpie to get a clear edge, then cut it out using scissors and a utility knife. 

Fake grass is designed to withstand the weather, so the mat can be used under cover or left in the open and it won’t need more maintenance than an occasional shake or hose down.


Use a straightedge and compass for basic and geometric shapes, or draw stylised ones freehand. For more complicated shapes, find them online, print out and enlarge using a photocopier. 

templates for shapes, handyman magazine,
For more complicated shapes, find them online, print out and enlarge using a photocopier

materials needed for this project, handyman magazine,
For this project you will need turf, a cardboard template, a Sharpie and double-sided tape

DIY turf mats, Handyman magazine,
A cutout design of stylised shapes makes a striking mat

Step 1. Draw the design

Position a 1.8m piece of synthetic turf grass-side down on a flat surface. Attach a cardboard template to the back with double-sided tape and trace around it with chalk, moving the template to create the design.

Step 2. Cut the shapes

Use a utility knife with a sharp blade to cut out the chalk-drawn shapes on the back of the synthetic turf, keeping the edges or points of the shapes attached to create a mat of interconnected shapes.

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