DIY Steel Pipe Stool

  • DIY Steel Pipe Stool

This unique stool has galvanised steel pipes for the frame and features a timber seat that was reclaimed and recycled from an old broken stool.

The legs on the frame have been splayed wider at the base to provide more stability, and they’re also braced using a length of pipe.

Use thread adhesive on all fittings for a tight connection and secure hex fittings using a spanner and pipe wrench so they don’t become loose.

DESIGN TIP Add a touch of texture to a modern all-white kitchen by introducing industrial-style seating.


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Galvanised steel pipes make the ideal frame for a one-of-a-kind  bar stool

Step 1. Assemble the feet

Join two 20 x 100mm pipes at right angles using 90° elbows to make four feet. Add an elbow to one pipe and
an end cap to the other. Attach the elbow to a T-fitting using a hex nipple. Join two feet using hex nipples and
a T-fitting to make two pairs.

Step 2. Finish the base

Connect each pair of feet to the two horizontal T-fittings with a 200mm pipe to make the base. Attach a 450mm pipe to each of the four vertical T-fittings to form the legs, then add a lugged capillary elbow to the top of each leg.

Step 3. Attach the seat

Draw a 350mm diameter circle on 19mm plywood using a compass. Cut out the circle with a jigsaw, then sand the edges with 120 grit paper. Attach the seat to the lugged capillary elbows using 6g x 20mm screws, then seal with two coats of clear varnish.

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