DIY Hanging Garden

  • DIY Hanging Garden

Hanging baskets green up a pergola or patio fast, but for a lush effect in front of a wall or fence, planters work better.

Lengths of PVC guttering make great lightweight hanging planters and can be cut down to any size to suit the available space. 

Choose shallow-rooted species that don’t need deep pots, or those that can be planted close together, like ferns.  

Trailing plants are ideal, as they cascade over the side, obscuring the white plastic. Strawberries are always a popular option for gutter planters.

Use chain to hang the gutter planters in pairs near a wall or fence.

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Hanging PVC planter supplies 

Step 1. Cut guttering

Measure and cut 3.6m lengths of white plastic quad guttering into 1200mm lengths using a hacksaw. Roughen the edges with 180 grit paper to provide a key for the adhesive. TIP To colour the planters, a product like Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Spray Paint is suitable for plastic.

Step 2. Drill holes

Mark and drill evenly spaced drainage holes on the base of the lengths of guttering with a 10mm spade bit, starting 50mm from the ends. Drill hanging holes at least 15mm from the top edge of the guttering at the back. Attach the end caps using PVC pipe cement.

Step 3. Hang planters

Loop two 4m long chains over a beam or rafter on the pergola or patio, then secure to the hanging holes in the gutter planters using S-hooks. Fill the gutter planters with potting mix, make planting holes and add the plants, firming the mix down by hand and watering in well.

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