Decorative Plant Frame

  • Decorative Plant Frame

Create a simple decorative outdoor feature with an old tin, a leafy herb and a distressed picture frame.

Take an old timber frame and add decorative trim as a hanger for a potted plant. Use any tin you have or look for a vintage one in op shops.

Choose a tin that’s big enough to fit your chosen herb or plant, making sure it has enough room to grow.

To distress the picture frame, apply a base colour, then a top coat in a different shade, sanding it back to reveal a little of the first coat of paint and a bit of the bare timber. 

For this project, a raspberry base and bright-red top coat was used.

Hang the potted tin using an S-hook, then mount the frame.

TIP The finished frame and plant is best hung in a protected space, such as a covered verandah or balcony.

Step 1. Paint the frame

Apply primer, then a base coat and top coat of exterior acrylic in two colours, then sand back the paint to reveal the base coat and timber. Cut the trim to fit in the rebate at the back of the frame, ensuring it is a tight fit. Apply exterior PVA adhesive to both ends, then insert the trim face down.

Step 2. Make the holes

Decide which part of the tin will face out, then drill a hole for an S-hook 20mm down from the rim on the opposite side. Drill three drainage holes in the base of the tin near the front so water won’t drip on the frame. TIP A pointed tool like a screwdriver or awl can also be used to make the holes.

Step 3. Hang the tin

Plant up the tin with a herb such as sage. Take a stainless steel S-hook and insert one end into the hanging hole in the top of the tin, then hook the other end over the trim in the frame. Hang the frame on a nail. TIP To protect it from the weather, give the trim two coats of polyurethane.

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