Create A Kitchen Herb Garden With The Kids

  • Plant pots with herbs

Teach the kids about growing and cooking at the same time by creating a potted kitchen garden.

For hassle-free sowing, use Mr Fothergill’s Seed Mats Easy Sow.

The pre-sown paper mats are 8cm in diameter and are a good fit for 9cm terracotta pots, which are the ideal size for small hands.

Get the kids to write the names of the herbs on Paddle Pop sticks and put them in each pot as plant tags, so they know what to harvest.   

Step 1. Prepare the pots

Fill 9cm terracotta pots to about 150mm below the rim with potting mix and gently firm down by hand, wearing gloves. Position the seed mat in the centre of the pot and gently press onto the surface of the mix.

Step 2. Cover the mats

Pour a thin layer of potting mix about 5mm deep over the seed mat using a small trowel.
TIP Don’t bury the mat too far down. Add just enough potting mix so that it is no longer visible.

Step 3. Water the seeds

Water in the seed mat using a watering can then position the pots in a warm, sunny spot or part shade, depending on the variety. Keep the mix moist and add plant tags to identify the herbs in each pot.

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