Cash saving hacks for the little (and big) things

Domestic hacks to help you save time and money on the little as well as the big things.

Cash saving hacks for the little (and big) things - Pixabay

Change your approach to domestic tasks with these tried and true hacks.

1. Up and away storage
1. Up and away storage
Handyman Magazine

The perfect place to store small quantities of long, narrow offcuts and mouldings is right over your head.

Build this set of overhead storage racks between the open trusses of your garage.

Use one length of 145 x 45mm timber for the vertical hangers and two layers of 19mm plywood for the lower angled supports.

Secure each 145 x 45mm piece into the framing with two 75 x 10mm cuphead bolts.

Then secure each hanger into the 145 x 45mm timber with two offset 50 x 10mm cuphead bolts.

The angle on the supports keeps the contents from sliding off.

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