Build A Poker Table

For an authentic gaming experience, whether you’re playing Texas Hold ‘Em for toothpicks or Snap with the kids, build this card table.

Build A Poker Table

Made entirely from MDF this lightweight table is designed for a maximum of six players.

Compact and portable the table has a hexagonal top and removable legs so you can flat-pack it for storage.

The hexagon is marked on the tabletop using a compass made from a length of timber that rotates around a centre nail with a pencil at the other end scribing the circle.

As the length of one hexagonal side is equal to the radius of its circle, the set compass spacing used to draw the circle remains the same to mark the length of each side around the circumference.

The materials
The materials

The tabletop is cut from a half-sheet of 1200 x 1200 x 16mm MDF using a circular saw.

The legs and armrests are also cut from 16mm MDF.

Automotive roof lining is positioned on the table as an underlay then covered with a gaming cloth.

For the armrests, two layers of 10mm foam are secured then covered with vinyl, from upholstery suppliers.

The top layer of foam and the vinyl wrap over the long outside edge of the armrest and are attached under the table base.

Practice cutting and stapling the foam and vinyl on offcuts of timber to master the technique of upholstery before covering the armrests.

Finish the table with timber and brass cup holders as a special feature.

New Guinea Rosewood was used here and clear finished, but more affordable Tasmanian Oak can also be used then stained to achieve the same colour.

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