Build A Mobile Workbench

  • mobile workbench with mitre saw on top and a grey background

Build a 750mm high mobile workbench that is easy, fast and inexpensive to build. All you need is a 2400 x 1200mm sheet of 17mm CC grade non-structural plywood, costing about $71, plus the fasteners, finish and castors.

Have the components cut by the supplier or DIY using a circular saw with a straightedge guide.

The rail assemblies and legs are made using simple butt joints, and the whole bench takes just hours to build.

To finish, add castors for mobility, making sure two are lockable, then apply two coats of clear polyurethane.

Step 1. Join the rails and legs

Position the short top rails inside the long ones, securing with brads and PVA adhesive, then repeat for the base rails. Position the shelf on the base frame and secure with screws. Butt the narrow legs against the wide ones, securing with adhesive and brads.

Step 2. Assemble the frame

Position the base frame inside the legs, drill three 2mm pilot holes through the sides, securing with adhesive and screws. Attach the top frame inside the legs with two screws each side. Position the benchtop flush with the legs, securing with screws.

Step 3. Attach the castors

Position the castor supports flush with the base of the legs, drill 2mm pilot holes and secure with adhesive and timber screws. Attach the castors with the supplied screws. Sand all surfaces with 180 grit abrasive paper then apply two coats of polyurethane.

Click on the diagram

Follow the labelled diagram to build the mobile workbench. It has the name of all the parts and the measurements to help you cut the components and assemble the workbench. 

Click on the cutting list

Follow the cutting list to build the mobile workbench. It has the name of all the measurements to help you cut the components for the workbench.  

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