Boost Kerb Appeal With Exterior Paint

Choose the right colour scheme to boost your home’s kerb appeal

Exterior Paint Ideas

Keep the walls neutral and paintthe trim white for a classic look. Image: British Paints 

A coat of paint is an easy way to refresh the front of a house to make it more inviting. 

If your home looks great from the outside, it will not only be a pleasure to come home to every day, but will also add value to your property.

One of the most important things to consider is the style of the house.

Traditional colours work well for older homes, but you can also be adventurous if you want your home to stand out. With a newer home, you have more room for experimentation.

The important thing is to ensure that the colour scheme complements the home’s architecture and works in the context of the neighbourhood.


Dating back to the Edwardian era of the early 20th century, weatherboard homes have been a staple of Australia’s suburbs for decades. 

The small, cottage-like nature of these homes means a bright and cheerful colour scheme is the best way to make them look appealing.

The traditional weatherboard colour scheme would usually feature varying shades of white for the walls and timber trim, and a darker colour, such as grey, for the roof. 

To modernise a home, increase the contrast between the walls and trim, and introduce blue or charcoal.

TIP Add character by using a bright colour like red for the door. 

piant idea for weatherboard home, taubmans,
Add charm to a home with a neat garden and a colourful front door. Image: Taubmans 


To boost the kerb appeal of your waterfront home, reflect the surrounding environment in the colour scheme. Choose ocean-inspired blue or grey with white detailing, or go with neutral sandy colours.

For older beachfront homes, use a lighter palette of whites and pastels or be bold and select bright colours like turquoise or yellow.

Draw attention to timber features, enhancing the natural textures with stain. Landscape with stone and add plants that thrive in sandy soil and can tolerate a salty sea breeze.

Coastal homes need to be finished with a hard-wearing outdoor paint that is resistant to salt spray to ensure the longevity of the paint job and reduce the amount of maintenance. 

beachfront home, taubmans
Use paint and landscaping to emphasise natural texture. Image: Taubmans

british paints, beachside home,

Get the coastal look with cool nautical colours and succulents. Image: British Paints


Render is the surface treatment of choice for modern homes built from the postwar period until now, and the minimalist style allows for a clear canvas suitable for experimentation.

The colour options for modern homes are less restrictive, with neutrals working just as well as bright options.

Take a look at the style of your home, identify any features you want to enhance and contrast them with the rest of the home. Stick to one area of the spectrum, using shades of blue, brown, grey or white.

modern home paint ideas , british paints,
Plant greenery and use earthy tones  to make a home more welcoming. Image: British Paints 

modern home exterior, blue wall, large timber front door, british paints,
Experiment with bold colours that accentuate the architectural style. Image: British Paints 


Older homes like Victorian terraces or Federation cottages work very well painted in their traditional colours, with beige or off-white for the walls and earthy reds, browns and muted greens reflecting the style of the day. 

For a modern take on traditional homes, choose high contrast colours. Light-coloured walls with a dark roof, door or trim catch the eye, as do dark walls and light detailing.

To make your home stand out in a row of terraces, take into account your neighbours’ homes and opt for a colour scheme that contrasts with theirs without deviating from the style.

TIP Modifying a heritage-listed home may require local council approval.

modern home exterior, blue roof, handyman magazine
Select contrasting colours to give an older home a modern makeover. Image: British Paints 

traditional home exterior paint ideas, dulux, handyman magazine,
Reinforce a traditional style using the colour scheme of the period. Image: Dulux 

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Exterior Paint Ideas

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Exterior Paint Ideas

Keep the walls neutral and paintthe trim white for a classic look. Image: British Paints 

A coat of paint is an easy way to refresh the front of a house to make it more inviting.  If your home looks great from the...
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