Autumn Gardening: How To Prepare A Rose Bed

  • How To Prepare A Rose Bed

A rose that has been growing in the same spot for more than eight years can build up fungus around the roots and in the soil. The effects may not show on the old rose but if another one is planted in the same soil it can get sick and die.

Plan ahead to grow roses this winter by creating fresh rose beds.  Prepare beds now and leave them to settle for six weeks to plant new roses in mid June.

There are three essential ingredients for successful growing. 

SUNLIGHT for more than six hours a day with softer morning light preferable to harsh afternoon sun.

DRAINAGE as most roses grow in any soil so long as it doesn’t pool. Test by digging a 450mm deep hole, fill with water and if it doesn’t drain completely in eight hours then it’s probably clay soil and needs organic matter added.

AIR CIRCULATION reduces risk of fungal problems by keeping foliage dry so allow for 800mm between bushes.   

Step 1. Remove old soil

Remove the old soil to 450mm deep and replace it with healthy soil from another part of the garden.

Step 2. Dig in manure

Dig in manure and well-rotted compost using a fork, watering lightly once a week in dry weather.

Step 3. Settle the soil

Let the soil settle for up to six weeks before transplanting or planting roses in the revived area.

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