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For most of us, home automation is something we would believe to be out of reach, as systems can cost upwards of $10,000. In most cases, they can only be installed at the building stage of a project or by rewiring most of your house, and for those who are renting it simply is not an option.

The Trust Smart Home wireless system, gives you lighting automation ranging from basic on/off lighting control to a full security system without any monthly fees or invasive wiring. 

3 Easy Steps

The Smart Home system consists of 3 simple steps. First choose a transmitter, then choose a receiver, then you can start to create your own wireless system. With a variety of products, you can personalise your home automation system to suit your requirements and budget with several products being DIY. For more technical solutions an electrician is required, however it is still significantly less expensive than re-wiring your entire home.

Automation features

  • Coming Home - Turn the lights on remotely at any time so you aren’t coming home in the dark

  • Movie night - Dim lights to any level you desire to get that perfect mood for a night in

  • Dusk to Dawn Sensors -Never be left in the dark in winter

  • Away from home – Program lights to turn on and off so it appears someone is home

  • Safety - Set the lights to turn on down that dark pathway with wireless outdoor motion sensors

  • Good night - With one tap all your house hold lights and devices are turned off

  • In the Garden - Lights turn on to light up the BBQ area and set the mood around the pool


Energy efficient wireless lighting

DIY lighting automation is now even easier with energy efficient Smart Bulbs and Downlights from Trust Smart Home. These clever bulbs have a built-in receiver and as with all Trust products, installation is simple. Just screw the bulb or downlight into the existing fixture, connect it with your Trust Smart Home transmitter and you can now control the bulb.  With an A+ energy rating these lights will save you money too!

Keep an eye out, wherever you are!

Home Security is becoming an important consideration within our current environment, and we are all looking for solutions to keep our homes and family’s safe. The Trust Smart Home Alert system along with the ICS-2000 Internet Control Station is 100% DIY. There are no monthly fees, just set up and go with the Free App and you can monitor your security system anywhere, anytime.

Find Trust Smart Home at your local Bunnings Warehouse, in the Electrical aisle or visit for further product information.

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