Adhere to a seal of approval

Adhesive and sealant in the one product is a marriage made in DIY heaven. 

Adhere to a seal of approval

More than a glue and more than a sealant, combining the two products allows the home handyman or professional tradesman to simply and neatly, seal, join, waterproof and protect.
The one-component adhesive and sealant from Sika®, the 11FC, is a 1-part elastic joint sealant and multipurpose adhesive with a multitude of applications  - all from the one tube.
Five simple steps on using Sikaflex 11FC as a sealant:

  1. Mask up both sides for clean results
  2. Apply the primer (ideal for better adhesion and sealing of joint)
  3. Cut the tip of the nozzle 
  4. Neatly apply and then smooth the joint 
  5. Remove masking immediately after smoothing joint  

It can be used used as a joint sealant in concrete, epoxy, stone and quarry tiled floors as well as for roofing and guttering applications. It is perfect for soundproofing of pipes between concrete and sheathing and caulking between partitions.
The adhesive capabilities makes it ideal for all cement-based materials, brick, ceramics, metals, wood, polyurethane, epoxy and some polyesters.
To use as an adhesive, you need to:

  1. Clean the work surface
  2. Allow it dry
  3. Apply and then place some pressure on the area to help bonding. 

It can be used on cover plates, lightweight construction materials, acoustic ceiling tiles, floor mouldings and door sills.
It is perfect for indoor  andoutdoor applications as well as it is resistant to weathering and ageing, absorbs impact and vibration and has good adhesion to most construction materials. 
The Sikaflex 11FC has a fast cure rate, good weathering and water resistance. 

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Adhere to a seal of approval

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Adhere to a seal of approval
More than a glue and more than a sealant, combining the two products allows the home handyman or professional tradesman to simply...
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