Add Character With Cornice

  • Add Character With Cornice

Transform any room in the home instantly and easily with architectural trim. 

The word ‘cornice’ conjures up an elegant period property.

And in the late 1800s, it could take sculptors and masons months or years to handcraft these works of art.

With the industrial revolution, came the discovery of moulds and concrete, which meant that cornices could be mass-produced. 

So today, whether your home is old or modern, it’s fairly inexpensive to install this decorative feature.

Gyprock has a number of cornice profiles to suit every style of home.   

bedroom with orange cornice, handyman magazine,
Great for a kid’s room, a cornice gives you a chance to introduce more colour

The finishing touch 

A simple, yet often overlooked, way to give a room architectural or designer flair when it comes to renovating is to install cornicing.

Cornices add detail and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, with styles ranging from art deco, plain and heritage charm to a modern slick look.

They provide the perfect finishing touch when balanced with the room’s decor and interior design features.

So when it’s time to fill the gap between the wall and ceiling, first consider the desired look you want to achieve with a room.

Now simply select the cornice that suits the decor from the range of profiles available.

cornice, in bedroom , handyman magazine,
A cornice with clean lines is ideal for a simple bedroom setting

Putting up cornice 

In this room, the damaged and outdated cornicing was removed and the pieces were used as templates to measure up the required lengths of new cornice. It was installed DIY using cornice adhesive.

This article originally appeared in the August 14 edition of Australian Handyman Magazine. 
Images via: Gyprock 

Step 1. Cut the cornice

Cut the cornice by measuring the old cornice and marking the new pieces to cut them to length. For an internal corner mitre, position the cornice upside down in a mitre box and cut with a handsaw.

Step 2. Apply adhesive

Apply the adhesive by mixing it in a bucket until it is a creamy consistency, then use a steel trowel or float to apply it to both back edges of each length of cornice, finishing at a depth of about 20mm.

Step 3. Secure the cornice

Secure the cornice by lifting each length into position. Press firmly and fill the joints with adhesive. Use a spatula or putty knife to scrape the adhesive from the joints, then wipe away any excess with a damp cloth.

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