Adam's Workshop Overhaul

  • Adam's Workshop Overhaul
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No matter whether you own enough tools to fill a shed or just a few for maintaining a bicycle, you need a space to store them that is easily accessible and also very secure. 

This workshop offered neither. It was badly lit, with untidy work surfaces and clutter everywhere. 

We gave it a complete overhaul, using off-the-shelf solutions to store tools and equipment neatly and safely.

Create order from chaos with a combination of shelving and drawers. 

Adam's Plan  

RIP out fitted work surfaces and shelves, and remove freestanding bookshelves and storage cabinets.

CLEAN the beams and the ceiling, then paint using Dulux PrepLock Stain Blocker as an undercoat.

APPLY a coat of hard-wearing Dulux Weathershield Low Sheen in Vivid White. White is ideal, as it reflects more light.

HAVE an electrician replace the ineffective hooded light with a brighter, bunker-style light fitting.

TIDY the workshop by adding new shelving, drawers and a workbench.

ATTACH a clamp-lamp to the metal pegboard to provide more work light.

ADD power with an HPM PlugBoss Heavy Duty Four-outlet Powerboard with inbuilt surge guard.   

BUDGET TIP Save money in the long run by investing in readymade storage solutions and looking after your tools. 

Charging station 

An easy way to restore and maintain order in a workshop is to streamline your power tools. 

Tools with different batteries all require separate chargers, which can make your workbench look as though it’s covered in electrical spaghetti. 

Enter the Ryobi One+ 18V six-port charger. With the capacity to charge up to six batteries at once, this compact unit can be wall mounted or stored on a shelf or benchtop. 

Here, it’s hanging on the pegboard attached to the backof the workbench. 

pegboard with tools, handyman magazine,
A pegboard is a handy way to use vertical space and keep hand tools within reach of your workbench

shelf with storage, handyman magazine,
We added a Handy Storage Boltless Four-shelf Kit or a quick and easy storage solution


Keep tools secure 

Locking your tools away securely is about more than just preventing damage or theft. 

Many tools can also be dangerous in the hands of the unskilled or children. Razor-sharp woodworking chisels or battery-powered tools can do serious harm to the unwary. 

At home or on the go, the best way to secure your tools and equipment is often with a simple padlock. 

SAFETY TIP Locking up ladders can protect your home from intruders. An unsecured ladder could allow easy access to high areas. 

padlock , handyman magazine
 The best way to secure your tools and equipment is often with a simple padlock

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