8 Storage Hacks For Christmas Decorations

7 Storage Hacks For Christmas Lights

'Tis the time of year to take down holiday decorations and store them for another festive season to come. 

The way you store your decorations will make a huge difference to how easy the reinstallation process will be. If you stack Christmas lights and ornaments into a box without a second thought, then taking them out and detangling will be a nightmare. 

In this blog, we list 8 storage hacks for Christmas decorations that will save space and make unpacking a breeze when the time comes. 

1. Easy Ornament Holder 

Here is a great idea for effectively storing Christmas ornaments. All you need is a plastic tub with a lid, wooden dowels and rubber leg tips. Drill two holes in each end of the tub, insert dowels through them, and then cap the dowels with rubber tips to keep them in place. 

Hang ornaments from the dowels and store things like Christmas tableclothes on the bottom. Storing ornaments this way will prevent them from becoming tangled, and allow you to easily see what is stored in each tub. 

easy ornament holder, handyman magazine,
Store Christmas ornaments with this nifty idea 

2. Store Christmas lights in a bucket to prevent tangling 

Taking down and storing Christmas lights properly will make it easier to put them up again the following season. One way to store Christmas lights without tangles, is to coil them up and store them in a bucket. 

This is a quick and space efficient way to store lights. If you require more than one bucket, make sure you clearly label which lights have been stored in each bucket. You can stack buckets on top of one another (with lids on), or even store them underneath tables or benches in the workshop. 

store christmas lights in a bucket, handyman  magazine,
Use a bucket to prevent Christmas lights from tangling 


3. Wind Christmas Lights Around A Hose Reel 

To keep your holiday lights from getting tangled and to make it easier to string around your yard, roll about 30 strings of lights onto a portable hose reel that has wheels and a handle. Pull the lights around your yard and roll off as many as you need. 

For storage simply roll the hosereel into a garage or shed. Cover with a garbage bag for added security. 

use a hose reel to store christmas lights, handyman magazine,
Use a hose reel for tangle free storage and installation 

 4. Label Christmas Tree Layers 

Artificial Christmas trees are very popular, and most of those who own them reuse the same tree year after year. As time wears on, putting the tree together can become more difficult. What part goes where? Is there a piece missing? 

Use this simple trick to avoid confusion. When you disassemble the tree at the end of the season, do it one level at a time. Once all the branches from one level are off, duct-tape them together and number each layer with a marker. 

Next year, the tree will be put together in minutes! 

layer christmas tree layers, handyman magazine,
Label Christmas tree layers for easier assembly 

5. Store Christmas Trees In Cardboard Tubes 

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, you know that it takes up a lot of storage space. Here's a great idea. Use a cardboard tubes (you can buy them from post offices). Wrap each layer of the tree in twine and store half the tree layers in one tube and half in the other.

Mark the layer numbers on each tube and stow the tubes in your garage rafters. 

store christmas trees in cardboard tubes, handyman magazine,
Use cardboard tubes to store artificial Christmas trees 

6. Fuss-free And Thrifty Christmas Light Storage

This has got to be the easiest way to store strings of holiday lights. Just put each string in a separate plastic bag and write where the lights go right on the bag. No wrapping or coiling necessary. 

store holiday lights in plastic bags, handyman magazine,
Use plastic bags to store Christmas lights 

7. Create A DIY Spool For Christmas Light Storage 

Recycle cardboard and keep strings of holiday lights from getting tangled when you store them. Just use strips of cardboard and cut out a slot on each end to make a "spool" to keep lights from slipping off.

Wrap each light string around a cardboard spool, label it and store it in a plastic bin for next year. 

create a DIY spool with cardboard to store christmas lights, handyman magazine,
Recycle cardboard by turning it into a DIY spool to store Christmas lights 

8. Build A Stand To Store Christmas Lights 

Build a simple stand using a wooden base and dowels to store Christmas lights. Screw a dowel to each end of a wooden base cut to the size of a large plastic bin. Then wrap your lights around the dowels in a figure eight and place the stand in the bin. 

You'll be amazed how many light strings yu can wrap around the stands without tangles or damage. 

create a DIY stand to store christmas lights, handyman magazine,
Store Christmas lights using this DIY stand 

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