7 Uses For Bamboo You Didn't Know About

7 Uses For Bamboo You Didn't Know About

Ah bamboo!

What an amazing plant.

Where do we start with this wonder grass?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world.

Certain species are known to grow up to about 91cm in one day.

There are types of bamboo that can be grown in tropical as well as cold climates meaning it can pretty much be grown all over the world.

On top of all this, bamboo has a strength and durability that rivals that of wood, brick and concrete.
With all this mind, it will not suprise you to discover that bamboo has over 1,500 uses. Talk about versatile.
There are plenty of uses for bamboo you are bound to know about.

Furniture and musical instruments can be made from bamboo, bamboo scaffolding is highly popular in some parts of the world, there are bridges made from bamboo (mostly found in Asian regions), you can purchase bamboo paper and of course, bamboo is used in particleboards, mouldings, flooring, laminates and so on.

The tech savvy among you will also know that bamboo accessories have been very popular over the last few years.

With bamboo keyboards, mouses, phone covers and headphones enjoying great success on the market.
While there are some obvious things made from bamboo, there are also some pretty obscure uses for bamboo.

In this blog we list 7 uses for bamboo you (probably) didn't know about.
If you know of another use for bamboo let us know!

1. Clothing
1. Clothing
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Bamboo makes for a great fabric.

The plant is easily turned into fibres that can then be spun into yarn.

It is known to be a durable material with high levels of absorbency which means it can be dyed very easily.

If you need to buy a gift anytime soon, we reckon a set of bamboo pyjamas will do the trick.

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