7 Plants And Trees It's Best To Avoid

7 Plants And Trees It's Best To Avoid - iStock

A step-by-step guide to problem plants and shrubs, such as fig trees, Cocos palms, rhus trees and London plane, and what you should do if they are growing in your garden.

Aborist Mark Hartley, of The Tree Doctor (, suggests making sure you know what care is required before planting anything.

Also check with your local council to find out what plants have been declared noxious or invasive, and consider where trees and shrubs are positioned to keep nuisance plants away from fences, paths and driveways.

The solution to most so-called pest plants is maintenance to prevent them from growing out of control.

1. Running bamboo
1. Running bamboo
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Highly invasive if not kept in a pot, and the roots can end up next door. 


Choose a non-running bamboo instead. 

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