6 Australian Christmas Plants

Did you know each Australian state has a native Christmas tree or bush? Find out what yours is.  

6 Australian Christmas Plants

Decorate with native plants this festive season 

Although pines are the traditional Christmas tree, they can cause an allergic reaction for many people.

Instead, grow your state’s native Christmas tree or bush to get bright and cheerful blooms in summer.


Calanthe triplicata is known as Christmas orchid, and is an evergreen that’s ideal for pots. It grows in heavy shade in moist soil, producing white flowers on 1.5m long spikes in summer.

calanthe triplicata, christmas orchid,
Calanthe triplicata, also known as, Christmas orchid 

New South Wales

Ceratopetalum gummiferum is a shrub that grows to 5m high and 1m wide. It features white star-like spring blooms and red calyxes in summer. It prefers full sun in well-drained soil.

ceratopetalum gummiferum, NSW christmas bush,
Ceratopetalum gummiferum, also known as, The NSW Christmas bush



Prostanthera lasianthos can be either a shrub or small tree, growing from 2-10m tall. It has white, pink or mauve blooms and grows in heavy shade or full sun. 

prostanthera iasianthos, handyman magazine,
Prostanthera lasianthos, also known as, The Victorian Christmas bush 


Blandfordia punicea, known as Christmas bells, produces 10mm long red, bell-shaped flowers with yellow tips. The flower stalks grow to 1m high, and it prefers full sun in sandy soil.

blandfordia punicea, handyman magazine,
Blandfordia punicea, also known as, Tasmanian Christmas bell 

South Australia

Bursaria spinosa is a hardy shrub or small tree growing from 3-10m tall. It produces masses of white flowers in late spring and summer, and thrives in light shade in well-drained soil.

bursaria spinosa, handyman magazine,
Bursaria spinosa also known as, Native Blackthorn and Christmas Bush 


Western Australia

Nuytsia floribunda is a tree that grows to 10m tall, producing bright-orange summer blooms.It’s frost-resistant, likes sun and is semi-parasitic, so it needs grass as a host.

Nuytsia floribunda, western australian christmas plant,
Nuytsia floribunda, also known as, Western Australian Christmas Tree 

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Australian Christmas Plants

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