5 Ways to Organise the Garage

  • 5 Ways to Organise the Garage

With dedicated storage the garage can go from a pigsty to an ordered space with room for the car and a workshop. These quick and easy storage tips will turn a disaster area into an organised DIY haven.

They can each be done seperately so you can either devote an entire weekend to sorting out the garage or start implementing our strategies one by one. Remember to wear safety gear when required and consider the size and shape of your workarea before beginning. Some of these tips may need to be customised to suit your garage. 

1. Use a workbench 

A must for any keen DIYer, a solid workbench offers a sturdy surface for building as well as a place to keep power tools when not in use. 

If you don't have a workbench you can build one yourself but if you don’t need to customise it to suit the space a readymade option can be a real time saver.

The Rack It Work Bench, $189, from Handy Storage, is a good size at 1280 x 920 x 450mm, and takes only 10 minutes to build using just two tools.

Workbench with mitresaw on top, Handyman Magazine
A solid, durable bench is the cornerstone of any workshop

2. Invest in a shed 

The great Aussie shed is something of a cultural icon, and if the garage is a dumping ground for unfinished DIY projects, then a dedicated storage space might be the answer. 

Gardenpro sheds feature the Snaptite assembly system and are Australian made and owned. They are sold in kit form with fasteners and anchors included and come with a 15-year warranty.

Available in a range of sizes and colours, the sheds are built so tough they are rated to withstand cyclonic conditions. 

Shed, Handyman magazine
Using a shed as a dedicated storage space will help keep the garage clutter-free

3. Use wall-mounted storage 

Reclaim floorspace by using the walls for storage. The Rubbermaid FastTrack range of hooks, baskets and shelving can stow almost any item you can think of.

FASTTRACK RAILS are quick and easy to install, working with standard 450 or 600mm stud spacing. With the starter kit, everything you need to get stuck into organising the garage is in one box. Simply attach the rail to a wall and add the multipurpose hooks
that come with the pack. 

THE HOOKS can be attached directly to the wall or snapped into place on the rails using a lever-operated lock-on system, with the largehooks holding up to 22kg.

wall mounted storage, Handyman Magazine
Reclaim floorspace by using the walls for storage

4. Hang from hooks 

Capable of hanging everything from lawnmowers to power tools, these heavy-duty hooks keep all the garage essentials to hand, and off the floor and workbench.

The Zenith SureHook Storage Hook Kit, about $22, comes with three double hooks and all the fasteners you need to secure them to plasterboard, wall studs or masonry. 

Hooks, Handyman Magazine, Garage Storage
These heavy-duty hooks keep all the garage essentials to hand, and off the floor and workbench

5. Install smart shelving 

One clever way to gain space is to use areas like the gap between the garage door and the ceiling for shelving.

We used 90 x 45mm timber for the supports and 9mm thick plywood for the shelves, but the design can be adapted to store lengths of timber or sheet materials instead of plastic bins.

Plan the shelving by determining which way the joists run, spreading the weight of the shelf supports over three adjacent joists.

Handyman magazine, ceiling storage
One clever way to gain space is to use areas like the gap between the garage door and the ceiling for shelving

Step 1. Measure the space

To find the height of the support sides, measure from the ceiling to the top of the garage door and subtract 25mm. Build three shelf supports with angle brackets at the corners and tops.

Step 2. Attach shelf supports

Use a stud finder to find the joist centres. Position the shelf supports, drill pilot holes and secure to the joists through the angle brackets with M6 x 50mm coachscrews.

Step 3. Install the shelves

Cut 9mm ply into 1800 x 1200mm pieces, position on the shelf supports and secure with 30mm x 8g screws.
TIP These shelf supports are spaced 600mm apart with 400mm clearance.

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