5 Ways To Attract Birds To Your Garden

Attract birds to your garden and reap the benefits 

Attract Birds To Your Garden

Learn how to attract birds to your garden. Image: Thinkstock 

Birds can be assets in the garden. They assist in pollination, aid in pest control and are generally pleasing to the eye and ears, if you are a fan of birdsong, that is. 

1. Add native shrubs

Plant grevilleas, kangaroo paws and banksias in the garden. These natives are favourites with honeyeaters and rainbow lorikeets, as their beaks are perfectly shaped to get nectar from the blooms. 

2. Don’t feed them 

Giving birds food can have a negative impact on their health if it doesn’t provide adequate nutrition. Feeding stations can also cause diseases to spread. So stick to native plants and a supply of clean water.

3. Quench their thirst

Birds feel safer if their water source is elevated, with a tree near, so they can escape from predators. Keep a birdbath full of clean, fresh water so they know it’s always available and to help reduce the spread of disease.

4. Give them shelter

Areas with dense foliage make birds feel secure, so combine native grasses with shrubs and flowering gum trees. This will provide a safe haven for them to build nests and forage for seeds, fruit and insects. 

5. Put up a nest box

Certain birds like nesting in tree hollows, but these are often hard to find. Install nest boxes with entrance holes suitable for the local birds, but ensure they’re not too big, as predators can attack the birds or steal the eggs.

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Attract Birds To Your Garden

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