4 Easy Landscaping Jobs You Can Do This Weekend

It's the perfect time to get into the yard and spruce things up.

There's no excuse really, the weather is trans-seasonal and time is available.

4 Easy Landscaping Jobs You Can Do This Weekend

We've got 4 easy landscaping jobs that can be done in two days or less.

That means you can upgrade your yard and still have plenty of time to kick back with family and friends.

Happy DIYing!

1. Repair Cracked Concrete Steps
1. Repair Cracked Concrete Steps
Handyman Magazine

Give outdoor stairs a makeover and a safety upgrade for around $100.

Concrete steps crack and break up over time as weather extremes cause expansion and contraction.

Water can also seep in and freeze, deteriorating the edges.

Once the breakup starts, it spreads and gradually gets worse, making the steps unattractive and unsafe.

The best way to fix concrete steps is to demolish them and pour new ones.

Replacement is the only real option for steps that have sunk out of level or cracked all the way through.

But if the steps have only surface damage, you can save lots of cash and effort by resurfacing and recapping.

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