11 Must-Try Barbecue Recipes

11 Barbecue Recipes To Try This Season

Summer is the season for barbecuing and entertaining. In this blog we list 11 must-try barbecue recipes that are easy to make and perfect for every occasion, from low-key weeknight dinners to weekend soirees. 

1. Barbecued Fish Parcels

barbecued fish parcels, handyman magazine,
Cooking fish in foil parcels is a great way to ensure that the delicate flesh of the fish remains soft and moist without being overcooked

2. Tuna And Cherry Tomato Kebabs 

tuna and cherry tomato kebabs, handyman magazine,
Fresh tuna is a delicious and versatile ingredient that is easy to cook on the barbie

3. Barbecue Lamb And Rosemary Burgers 

barbecue lamb and rosemary burgers, handyman magazine,
These lightly herbed lamb patties will serve four to eight people 
Barbecued beef with chimmi churri sauce never fails to tantalise the tastebuds
barbecued vegetable medley, handyman magazine,
Serve alongside barbecued meat or fish, or make this dish the main attraction and include sides of marinated cheese and olives

6. Barbecued Fish Steaks With Salsa 

barbecue fish steaks with salsa, handyman magazine.
This recipe is healthy and filling and makes for a tasty weeknight dinner

7. Barbecued Calamari With Tomato Vinaigrette 

barbecued calamari with tomato vinaigrette, handyman magazine,
This tangy Mediterranean-style dish will have you going back for seconds and thirds

8. Spiced Barbecued Prawns with Mustard Dipping Sauce   

spiced barbecued prawns with mustard dipping sauce, handyman magazine,

For a fuller flavour coat the prawns in seasoning a few hours before cooking

9. Lime Chicken 

lime chicken, handyman magazine,

This finger-licking recipe for barbecued Lime Chicken is easy to make and perfect for Mexican night 

10. Chargrilled Baby Octopus 

chargrilled baby octopus, handyman
This melt-in-your-mouth dish pairs perfectly with a glass of wine 


11. Barbecued Fruit Parcels 

barbecued fruit parcels, handyman magazine,
If syrupy sensations are your idea of a delicious dessert then you will love these barbecued fruit parcels

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